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You must be under 25 and live in Harpenden, Wheathampstead, Kimpton, Redbourn, Flamstead or Markyate to apply. All of the information you provide will be kept safely and in the strictest confidence. We aim to consider your application within two weeks of submission. Finally, assuming everything is in order, please wait for the grant to be awarded before you make any purchases.

The Trustees will consider each application on its merits, having regard both to the financial circumstances of the applicant and to the nature of the item or activity required for educational or career-related purposes. JMF have limited funds to distribute and this may determine the level of grant awarded along with the number and type of application we are able to approve.

Apply for funding.
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Please click here to apply using our online application form.
If you are unable to access the form please contact us for a paper application form.

We may need some additional documents to support your application and examples are shown below (please note that we require only one supporting document if the applicant is in receipt of Free School Meals or has been during the last 6 years):

For each Parent/Carer/Guardian living with the young person applying for support. (This includes step parents and partners living at the same address):

For college and university students we also need a copy of the student finance statement and, where applicable, the student tenancy agreement/rent statement.

Finance Statement
Finance Statement

For school trips a copy of the trip letter.

School Trip Letter

Here are the answers to some of the most common queries.
If you cannot find what you need here, or would like to clarify
something, please contact us.

Am I eligible for grant funding?

We can accept applications in respect of young people and children under 25 years who currently live in Harpenden and Wheathampstead. The applicants must be from families of limited financial means: either in receipt of significant income-assessed benefits or lower levels of employment/self-employment income. Grants are awarded at the discretion of the Trustees.

Can I make an application on behalf of somebody else?

We accept applications made from parents, guardians, schools or support workers in addition to the applicant themselves.

What type of assistance do you offer?

The Foundation can provide financial grants to assist young people with educational or career-related items/activities. The most common areas are school uniform, residential school trips, laptops, extra-curricular activities, further education courses, career development, diplomas, degrees (generally accommodation costs) and work. Please just get in touch if you are unsure whether it is an item/activity that the Foundation would support.

When should I apply for a grant and can I apply for more than one grant?

It is always best to apply for a grant before you make any financial commitment. If you are unsure please do get in touch and we can advise how best to proceed. You can apply for more than one grant within an application or in a separate application(s) at different times.

I don’t have access to a computer/mobile phone to make an online application?

If you are unable to access our online application form, we can send you a paper copy for you to complete and return together with the required supporting information. Please contact us with your name, address and brief details about what and who the grant is required for. Either email us at or call us on 01582 760735.

Which Application Form should I use?

We have two different application forms, as a guide they should be used as follows:
• Further Education & Career Development (age 16 to 24), should be used by young people applying for grants relating to further education courses, diplomas, college, university, apprenticeships or work-related items.
• School Pupils up to age 18, should be used for items/activities relating to students attending primary or secondary school.

What is the maximum grant I can apply for?

We consider each application on its own merit and have internal guidance so that we can ensure fairness across similar applications. Please provide details of the costs that you are seeking financial assistance for together with supporting detail for those costs, as this will enable the Trustees to consider your application.

How long does it take for a grant application to be processed?

We will acknowledge your grant application on receipt, will let you know if we need any other information in order to be able to process the application and give you an indication as to when the Trustees will be able to consider your request. Our Trustees meet monthly to consider applications, but we are often able to respond sooner if there is an urgent need.

How do you award grants?

Grants may be provided as a financial contribution directly to a supplier or a reimbursement to the applicant (or parent) on proof of payment.
When a laptop grant is awarded, we will provide a Voucher for either a professionally reconditioned or new laptop, which will be supplied by Harpenden Computer Services Ltd. The laptop should last at least 4 years and we do not get involved in (or fund) repairs, so you must ensure that it is properly looked after.
When a school uniform grant is awarded, we can provide Vouchers up to the value of the grant for local school uniform providers, Stevensons and Beat School Uniforms. We can also reimburse on production of receipts for purchases made subsequent to the grant award. Or we can do a combination of a Voucher and reimbursement, the parent of the applicant will have the choice.
When a grant is awarded for a school trip, the funds are paid directly to the school.

Is my application confidential and how do you protect my information?

The privacy of our applicants and their parents is fundamental to the Foundation and we are committed to letting you know how we use your personal information and to making only responsible use of your data. We may need to contact an applicant’s school, educational institution or a relevant supplier. We ask you to give your consent to this as part of the application process. Further information can be found in our Privacy Statement.

What things doesn’t JMF offer grants for?

We are unlikely to support the following:
• Items that are medical rather than educational in nature
• Computer/Laptop repairs (unless advised by Harpenden Computer Services Ltd that this is the best approach for an older laptop)
• Items for a family, rather than for a specific child
• Activities that are primarily non-educational and not inclusive eg ski trips
• External/private tutoring
• Payments of rent to parents for students living at home
• Living costs
• World Challenge
• Travel grants to a station if the station is within 30 minutes walking distance from the applicant’s home
• General stationery items/electronic calculators
• School bags

Click here to view our privacy statement.
Other policies are available from the JMF on request.